Technical Support

Jingong implements strictly ISO9001 quality certification system. It’s specially equipped with a comprehensive set of instruments and equipments to ensure the stability of raw material and the quality of the finished products.

We can help customers monitor and analyze the situation of application, and provide technical support accordingly.
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Jingong SiLi Beads meet your different demands in different industries.

About Us


Tiantai Jingong SiLi Glass Beads Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which is jointly established with SiLi company in Germany to produce, develop and sell glass beads. On the basis of the original production line, the company introduced the world-class fully automatic production line of SiLi company, and adopted the most advanced German technology to produce glass beads and hollow glass beads. It meets the different needs of automobile coating, road reflective material, petrochemical industry, water treatment material, ink, dye, paint pigment, paper making, shot peening and other industries.
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What exactly do you need?

Do you have questions about a specific application and don’t know which product you need? Please use our product finder!

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